Eminem sex scene

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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by abolin who says This is in addition to a gratuitous scene where Kim Bassinger is partially nude and a couple of other less graphic sex scenes. I am not a typical Eminem fan more of a closet fan, since my job, fellow graduate school students and professors, fellow church members, friends, and family all seem to think he's the anti-Christ , but I do listen to his music. Still, I didn't expect much from the movie and was pleasantly surprised". The movie opens with Jimmy "Rabbit" Smith, Jr.

In 8 Mile was the sex scene between Eminem and Britanny real?

In 8 Mile was the sex scene between Eminem and Britanny real? | Yahoo Answers

I was just wondering if the really did have sex. Brittany Murphy. One of the late night guys and Brittany Murphy was featured on there. They were interviewing her about the movie Just Married. This is about the time when Brittany Murphy just started dating Ashton Kutcher and they started talking about sex on the late night show. She was talking about how her and Ashton almost started a fire when they knocked over a candle or something. Anyway, the late night host asked about Eminem and filming 8 Mile and if anything happened between her and Eminem.

Did Eminem Have sex with Brittany Murphy?

She has spent a lot of time working with him on the great movie. She is one of the persons who will make you understand that Marshall is a real nice person. I was very nervous about it. Brittany Murphy can testify that Marshall always treated her respectfully while playing their love scene:. It could have been an awful experience, but instead it was a very private, on a very closed set.
In the middle of this surprisingly riveting drama about a rapper Eminem trying to escape his squalid trailer park life, there's a rather peculiar and incredibly sudden sex scene between Eminem's B-Rabbit and his love interest Alex Brittany Murphy. The sex itself takes place in a secluded area of the factory where Rabbit works, and though you can argue that this highlights the fact that Rabbit can't take a girl back to his trailer home nor afford to take her to a hotel, the scene as a whole feels incredibly superfluous to the core narrative. It goes on for several awkward minutes, as Eminem fondles Murphy's chest like he's a year-old seeing a woman undressed for the first time, while Murphy looks basically coked-out of her mind for the duration.